Owners want to get the best use of available space inside their homes so naturally when you are thinking to upgrade the electric fireplaces, consideration of storage becomes important. The best way to achieve this is a course installation of fireplace and mantel packages. This way one can get instant appeal in room interior decoration while expanding the overall functional area as well. Flair and practicality should go hand in hand in the system that you ultimately choose. Some main points to consider in this regard would be:

  • Operational Capability
  • Heat Efficiency
  • Cost-Effectiveness
  • Design Suitability
  • Manufacturer's Warranty

Besides this, also think about the following:

Overall room size

Are you one of those homeowners who choose their mantels and fireplaces based upon wall size? While this is important too, a small wall in a large room will make the fireplace seem excessively small so it needs to be proportionate with the overall area for the best results. Buy your cabinet and firebox based on this criterion.


The ceiling height

In spite of just the subset of the total room size, this factor is quite important too. Height of your average furniture mantel is 42"-54" with the built-in varieties belonging to higher ends in this spectrum. For example, with a ceiling height of 8 ft. 42"-43" mantel seems quite low for you to place mirror or art pieces above your fireplace. With high ceiling, taller mantels go the best in the range of 42"-54". This way the fireplace doesn't appear to be a mismatch or too short for the space.


Where is your TV located?

Choice of fireplace mantel shelf may also depend upon the placement of the TV in the room. Like when you want to hang your flat screen television above the fireplace mantle height becomes a critical consideration for comfort. Do you know when you will feel the most relaxed when watching your favorite programs? Get the most from your viewing experience while sitting; suspend the device in a way that its bottom remains just 42"-43" from the floor. The general rule of thumb – the farther one is from the television set, the higher should be the mount.


Choice of furnishing

The mantel and the firebox should fit in seamlessly with the existing interior decoration in the room. Otherwise, it will appear completely out of place and jarring. Bold contrasts however will work fantastically. With ornate and elegant décor, find a mantel that reflects this fact clearly. If you want, add a wall-mounted ultra-contemporary firebox and make unique statements. Similarly with contemporary décor you would obviously like something that matches perfectly…won't you! With architecture more ornate compared to your furnishings find something that complements.


Make it the focal point

Too cheap, boring, commonplace, small mantel and fireboxes fail to make impressions. So you need to go for something impressive and interesting, be it in surrounding materials, size, or flame effects. This way it is sure to become the focal point of your room.


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