Kitchen remodeling is as crucial as bathroom remodeling as both these spaces are the most used by every member of the family. Remodeling involves consideration of myriad aspects such as the choice of right kitchen and bathroom cabinets, lighting, fixtures, and other components. When it comes to the room where you prepare your meals, choosing the most appropriate islands seems to be the focus of homeowners. As any service provider is going to tell you, this part remains consistently high in the wish list of customers. This doesn't seem out of place when one considers the versatility of the space. You can use it in various ways, as a place where you can grab a quick bite, make preparations while entertaining, for storage, or stage food. Aesthetically, it conceals preparation and cooking areas from family room or dinner table while adding colors and accent materials to the countertop and cabinets.

So which Island is going to be perfect for your kitchen space? This will be determined by its size, shape, and function. On an average, you should consider at least 36" walkway between island and wall, appliance, or another cabinet. However, when you are considering a satisfactory entertaining experience or enough space for comfortable cooking something more than 36" is desirable. After all, two or more of you can cook at the same time…can't you! Your kitchen forms the core of your home search and it's important that its design allows free movement and ease of cooking. Different types of kitchen islands to consider are the following.

  • Presence of cutting surface: preparing dishes becomes so easy with this kind of facility with your island countertop. Associated benefits skyrocket if it all so offers great storage underneath especially if you go for adjustable shelves that ensures high flexibility along with optimum use of space.
  • Sitting arrangements in L shaped island: such islands work the best when you install them in an L-shaped kitchen space. This way you will be keeping entertaining and cooking areas separate yet open. Such designs distinctly define two different spaces with enough scope for interaction between the two as well. However, for this kind of designs you require large spaces.
  • Double angled island design: nowadays, many clients prefer this kind of design complete with presence of angled cabinetry for creation of a dead space. What you get is a unique appearance for your kitchen space with high functionality as well. This too works best in spacious kitchen area.
  • Island design for irregular shapes: when you have obstacles within your kitchen to overcome and yet design an island of your dreams you require creative thinking. The aim is to maximize island size with a pronounced design to direct the traffic around work area effectively. A T-shape for example work best in such situation complete with storage and counter spaces.

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