When you think redesigning your bathroom, there are simply too many choices that come into mind. Most homeowners consider their bathrooms to be a place of neglect. As long as it is clean and function, we are content with what we have. But ask any interior decorator and he/she will tell you that having a luxury and superior looking bathroom will totally transform your feel about the place. Simple additions and changes can make this room appear more regal and more spacious, and in turn give you a complete royal treatment. One important way to make this happen is by selecting the right bathroom cabinets.

One of the latest trends in the world of luxury bathroom cabinets is bamboo. In normal circumstances, people would prefer to use wood and these types of cabinets have been the most popular option till date. The use of bamboo is relatively new in this field but a soon upcoming trend that will surely blow your mind when you consider the aesthetic and functional value they provide.


The biggest advantage of bamboo bathroom cabinets is the fact that they can handle the hot and damp atmosphere that is characteristic of a bathing space. The wood will last longer and provide you with much better results. You wouldn’t normally think that wood would go well in a damp environment, but bamboo is durable, it’s the type of wood that will last for many years and can handle the heat and damp. Secondly, the characteristic look of bamboo will make your bathroom look amazingly stylish indeed. Another reason why bamboo bathroom cabinets are a top choice is because of their stunning style. There are so many different designs to choose from. There are modular designs, framed designs and frameless designs.

Bamboo Bathroom cabinets are usually available in Ready To Assemble formats. This means that you will have to do a little DIY work to get your cupboard made up and installed. But the instructions are clear and if you follow them step by step, you can’t really go wrong. Bamboo is also a sturdier and safer option to use than glass which is usually the preferred choice for making cabinet doors. Glass does make the room look more stylish but you simply cannot beat the look and feel of bamboo bathroom cabinets. Your personal space will look like it a traditional Thai Spa if you can manage to make all the right selections.


Bathroom cupboards made of bamboo are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, which is another huge advantage considering the limited space available in modern homes and apartments. You can make the most of your existing small bathroom and create ample amount of storage space with all the functionalities you can think of. These cabinets will surely add to the aesthetic appeal of the room as well.

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